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Yes, we sell Luvly houses

We have great deals on houses and we especially love to work with first time buyers.

You might ask, "What is a Luvly house?" Yes, we do mean we sell lovely houses. In our terms, Luvly means many things:


  • For a first time homebuyer, Luvly means it is a lovely house in every sense of the word:

    • Affordable: Since we focus on the affordable housing market, it means a house that fits your budget. We know First Time Home Buyers are many times moving from an apartment, and want to make the move to begin investing in their future, not just paying rent. But, it has to fit within their budget. That is the house we specialize in.

    • Updated or rehabbed. Though many of our houses may be older homes, that does not mean you have to live with old appliances and carpet styles. Come look at what we have done to bring the houses up to date.

  • To a Renter, Luvly may mean:

    • Getting out of the apartment, into a home. In many cases, since we are able to buy houses in nice, affordable areas, the rent on a home may be close or even lower than the rent on an apartment.

    • In today's economy, it may mean that a family that has had to give up their house, may not have to move into an apartment.


  • For an Investor, Luvly may mean:

    • A "fixer upper" house that the investor can spend some elbow grease, and have a property ready to rent or sell

    • A ready to rent property, that has already been rehabbed

    • A "turn key" rental that is not only rental ready, but has a tenant


Our network of real estate investors across the country buy houses that need repairs and remodel them. They are experts in spotting houses that could be turned into lovely homes with the right touch. We are the only company that specializes in affordable homes - homes that are great for first time homebuyers, or make great rental properties.


  • LuvlyHouses.Com is the most comprehensive direct to seller listing of rental and for sale homes.

  • You can save money by cutting out the middleman and buying direct from the seller

  • LuvlyHouses.Com has a wide selection of affordable houses

  • In many cases, the homes are professionally renovated

  • We provide you with the option to buy a renovated home or to buy a house that needs some TLC which makes it even more affordable.